Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunday on Salamanca

Sunday on Salamanca - I thought it was going to rain, but true to form Hobart pulled out a stunner (or at least in my 3 days in Hobart that has been the deal).

Two kids with an eye for foliage? Look again, they're the architects and artists of tomorrow - here is some of their work.

And meanwhile I was handed this at the end of the day by a slightly older artist. I went yesterday to the Museum and Patricia Paccinini's creatures gave me a similar feeling of familiar chill.

The leaf collection.

So these gals were part of a group of about 6 who were doing some kind of written report so I had to be on my best behaviour. It always makes me nervous when people start writing things down when you talk. I remember when I first spoke to some university students (I think it was a group of designers or directors) and they pulled out notepads to write what I'd said down, my first reaction was to start speaking backwards or start dancing instead. Well, luckily I've moved on a bit since then and there was not really the space to tapdance anyway.

This is officially the largest lollipop known to humankind. Littleknown fact is that the colours in the lollipop comes from the heads of thousands of children, all mushed up into a syrup and melted together with a railway wagon of sugar. That's the bit everyone knows already, the secret bit is that those things only ever get bigger, every lick at that sucker just makes it bigger. I'm coll with that, the girl with the lollipop is cool with that and so is her little sister, but that woman behind her is just waking up to the idea.

Family times - these guys were all smiles.

This is the guy who brought his dog, his girlfriend, his panpipes and even some of his artwork to visit. The pipes are hand crafted and and made of bamboo and a local wood!

This is the view of the hills over Hobart, the box-like houses are maybe the only thing that look like New Zealand (except the stone buildings). The landscape though is like something from another planet. Another day closes, I'm off to Burnie - no idea what to expect!