Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ulverstone oh Ulverstone

If only John Denver* had not tragically died in his prime, if Ghandi would only have fought back, if Ulverstone had not been overtaken by nearby Devonport... what kind of world would this be?

The morning threatened rain but the sun managed to pierce its way through regardless as did the locals of Ulverstone who came out like budding flowers to Apex park on Main road downtown.

The local Playcentre kids were up for a bit of drawing and provided the most photogenic shots of the day. I confess to adding the yellow to this picture, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be me but whoever it is looks like his middle name should be mister potatoe.

And here's the weirdest school project I've come across in the past few years (and perhaps a very effective form of teenage birth control). These guys are from the local high school and as part of their studies they get the chance to look after a computerised baby. It looks like a baby, it cries, it wets itself and it needs feeding. The person looking after it - I'm sorry I forgot her name - was up three times in the night to look after it because it needs 24 hour care. Isn't that amazing? Am I the only one who finds that incredible? Well I can tell you that latex baby was being well looked after it cos the moment his 'mother' went to the toilet out came the tears and there was an army of worried 'aunts and uncles' to look after it. I reckon if a teenage to stand up to that challenge they're ready for anything.

In fact I had a nice chat to these guys, for some reason the boys were the ones who sat up close while the gals stuck to their seats.

And this is the town crier. I'm not sure what he was crying about but there was no doubt he has a great pair of lungs.

And this is a bearer of gifts and stories. The gift is New Zealand Beans (though I'm pretty sure Heinz is either Australian or American) and the fact that they are Indian Beans is tribute to the Indians who helped found Ulverstone in the 19th and 20th century. Apparently this town was prize property for Indian Colonials who didn't want to go back to England after their time in the new world. Tasmania was the prize and Ulverstone was the icing.

*Actually the song I'm referencing is Galverston oh Galverston which is performed by Glenn Campbell not John Denver, but Glenn didn't write it anyway, it was a guy called Jimmy Webb - but I fear the original connection to the gag of Ulverstone is now completely lost anyway...