Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Is it just me, or is there an odour of apples?

Here in Burnie, the first person I asked that to looked confused... 'what odour is that? Maybe it's the supermarket next door, they might have apples.' Well, I still aren't any closer to knowing for sure, but there is a very large mountain of woodchips on the waterfront, so it's my guess it's coming from there. Funny though how you become oblivious to changed in your immediate environment.

The wild-life around here didn't get that big for no reason.

This guy was out of school today suffering from asthma, his mum just took him to the doctor.

And this is Josh who was telling me he just bought a house 6 months ago here in Burnie despite his friends thinking it wasn't such a good idea. He has some great theories about sustainability and using the classic quarter acre block to grow your own produce and what kind of implications that would have if many people took that on board. In fact, Josh had a lot of great theories, it was refreshing to meet a real free thinker.

Burnie's new Multistory carpark.

Had a few conversations from a distance today - maybe people don't like to get too close in smaller towns (something to do with proximity?)

Not all the locals kept their distance though.

This is actually a fine drawing from Hobart - the artist being Kara who stuck around for quite a while on Saturday - well it finally made it to the walls.
And lastly there was Sunny. Sunny is from Sydney, here in Burnie for a conference on handmade paper. She also mentioned in passing that she was on her way to the National Scrabble championchips in Perth, well it so happened that I had a Scrabble set in my house, so Julie (who is travelling with me at the moment, making a film) challenged her to a match.
Thank god I didn't get involved because competition was pretty fierce and there were words and abbreviations flying in all sorts of crazy directions. I felt like I was in the company of giants - ok, partly because I was so close to the ground.

Finished the day with a cup of tea and a bit of a lie-down. Can't complain.