Saturday, 28 March 2009

Salamanca in the neighborhood

Phew what a day! I mean, what a day... I don't think I've been anywhere where so many people have actually wanted to know - I mean wanted to really know what I was up to - honestly I really felt like people here really wanted to connect.

They said Salamanca Place was prettty busy on a Saturday morning but I didn't really get that they meant - really busy! The sun came out and the heat in the little house rose. It was a memorable day though, and continues on the theme of life really isn't what you expect it to be.

Ha, I hate to get all psuedo-Buddist on ya, but I read the other day a quote from Jung, 'Destiny is something you discover on the road you take to somewhere else' - actually he put it far better than that.

This is Mike and Rosie, they spend half their time in Nova Scotia and the other 6 months in Tasmania. I always grew up believing that wherever you live you should feel like you really want to be living there and today I met quite a few people who really live here because they want to be living here.

And this is my first Scrabble game in a while, we figured that if you can pronounce a word then it's probably legitimate. It brought up some curly ones but my friend here was almost as lateral as I was.

And then there was Kate-Rose - this gal is a spelling machine. We stuck to Queenbury rules but luckily Kate's mum called her away when she was winning 63 to 36.

Here's a few classic pics for the hell of it.

Three gals with a tast for sunshine.

Sorry I can't remember this woman's name (below) simply because her story was so interesting I forgot everything else. She has been setting up an Orphanage in Muzaffarpur, Bihar in India. It's called The Mona Lisa Project - named after a young girl she first met a few years ago and decided to help her out. Well the project gained momentum and ended up turning into a two storey house, and every few months she comes into town to try and find a little more support for the project.

I was really touched by this story, I suppose because of the simplicity of one person doing what she thought was a good thing to do, not thinking about the consequences so much as just putting one foot in front of the other. Small things gather momentum I suppose. Anyway, this is her, I hope she gets her support and thanks for the chat. Next time I will write your name down too.

A couple of notes from the mailbox.

And while I'm at it, here's a couple of gals working on a theatre development project as part of the festival, they brought me fudge which in Australian language is a bit like arriving with a pallet of tinnies - yep I have a weakness for sweet things. Anyway, we talked a bit about shows we'd seen and appreciated their honesty and intrigue. I'll look forward to see what they've been working on.