Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wednesday 21 - and getting hotter

So what was it today - only 30 degrees? I was frying in there. How do you people live in this heat? So in the morning I looked for a good spot with plenty of shade and found a spot around the back of the escalators where the shade was as plentiful as a sand-hoppers on a Freemantle evening romp. Yes, I felt very smug indeed. I was afraid that there may have been a Smug slippage from people walking past my window... then what d'y'know but by 12.30 the shade vanished and I was left in direct sunlight with my spot around by the escalators perfectly shelded from anything resembling a breeze. Blimey..... !

Home sweet home. It really is a comfy wee pad. A few months ago it got me down being cooped up, but y'know it must have expended or I have contracted or something because it doesn't seem small at all now. I suppose you adapt to your environment. I mean, when you put a goldfish into a bigger pond they just get bigger. Perhaps we kiwis are only this size because the houses we live in are so roomy.

Last week I was sent a bunch of questions by The Big Idea - it's an NZ arts industry website - it's a weekly interview/profile article - click here to read