Monday, 19 November 2007

Monday 19 - Forest square

Back in the square - felt a little low on energy today but soon back in the dirvers seat once a few people had come and said hello. Finally finally got the camp stove working (thanks to James) and got that kettle on, a well earned cup of tea after 4 days I can tell you.

This is the Christmas tree shot, originally I didn't want to park here in case it looked like rudolf was hiding in my garage, but I don't think you read it like that once you're up close.

Here's a few shots of kids that dropped in over the morning, there was a group Uno game going on at one stage where there were two kids in every window with a full double set of cards. It got a bit complicated when I realised that not that many people actually know the rules, but we managed to get through it.

I kept asking the kid in the t-shirt if Mickey was some special friend of his, or if he'd known Mickey from some other place. I think he got annoyed with me asking him actually because he didn't know who Mickey Mouse is.

And then there were the Scrabble gals, three of them on assignment for their year 11 media studies course, they were supposed to be interviewing me I think but I roped them into speed Scrabble instead. Some interesting creative spelling going on there too...

More cute face in window shots - just because, hell, they're cute.

And this guy gets the largest shark tooth hanging around his neck award. Apparently it's a Morroccan shark - I wonder if the shark knew he was Morroccan or whether people just presumed it. After all, he could have been a Spanish shark on vacation. Anyhow, this guy is Morroccan, I guess he has a passport to prove it.