Sunday, 18 November 2007

SUN 18 November 2007

Oh la la today was pretty full on! There are a lot of people in that mall on a Sunday afternoon. It was perhaps fortunate that it was so hot in the direct sun because it meant people had to keep moving. I must have been looking hungry too because so many people offered me food. I thought perhaps I should go and eat a steak just so I don’t look so needing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it though. Especially this amazing chicken salad from these fine Perth Lasses who rocked up and popped it into my window when I was looking the other way.

Now, let me introduce you to Eva. Eva is from Germany (of course, hence the name) working in Perth at the moment. She made this paper boat for me and then we made a whole heap of them and plastered them all over the roof. Apart from the fact that she has the same green bag as me, I thought she was super cool cos she was someone who sits and watches and takes people as they are, aside from the fact that paper boats are the perfect thing to make on a sunny-sun-day.

This is a couple of shots to prove I wasn’t exaggerating to say there were 26 million people in the square today. I was chatting to a brother and sister comedy duo and they offered to take some photos from the outside for me, just to prove it. Y’see, I can usually only see a few feet outside the windows so miss whether there are people hanging back watching. Maybe I should have made more of an effort to entertain? Ah well, apart from the fact that my billie is still out of action due to a severe lack of gas canisters in central Perth, I think most people I spoke to were pretty happy to just sit and chat.

And here are a bunch of other shots of people. One of these guys – I won’t mention who (black t-shirt ahem) reckoned my walls were melting and it was freaking him out that I was actually alive inside. When pressed he thought the fact that he was tripping might have something to do with it and guessed he should probably get back upright as soon as possible.

And here’s my new interior decoration job. Flowers – Frescas (ooops I don’t think that’s how you spell it) Ju-Og was randomly given flowers when she was using the money machine (you see those tv ads really do reflect reality) and so she donated them to me.