Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Tuesday on the square again

Baby Godzilla is what they call him, I guess his mother calls him something else. Lucky his older sister was looking out for him or I would have taken him on. It would have been an even fight I reckon.

This is when I realised I was parked right opposite Supre. I've always had a certain thing for Supre gals, maybe it's the denim, maybe it's the polar-fleece, but this Supre gal is one of the sales team, complete with Supre outfit, Supre name tag, Supre ear-rings but best of all is the Supre smile. Nice meeting you.
These are a couple of observation shots, to tell the truth I have very little idea what's going on outside the house. There was a band went past at one stage, some guy playing a Gigereedoo down the other end of the Mall (I'm guessing he was German by the fact that he was busking with a Gigereedoo) and lots of folk walking past. Anyhow, now and then I stick my phone out and take a picture just to see what's going on.

Dutch guy - he just arrived off the plane and was all excited by the wind (the Doctor they call it here). He's a wind surfer and couldn't wait to get to the coast to set sail.

Irish gals - aaaahh
These guys were classic, kept me entertained for a while. She kept telling me he's very chatty usually but he wasn't having a bar of it. I reckon he knew something just wasn't quite right sitting in the middle of the sqare talking to some guy who couldn't even be bothered getting out of his house.
And this is the ultimate in self-reflection - a picture of the artists own leg - what the...

And this is a piece of grafitti I found near the top of Williams street.... Inspired