Friday, 23 November 2007

Last one out of Perth please turn out the lights

I'm not sure who wrote this, but I reckon it's ace. Got it plastered on the inside of my roof now so I can keep it mind next time I'm on the inside.

Today was a floatilla of folded notes in fact. This one looked something between a boat and that triangle thing that's stuck in the middle of the Louvre. Opened it up for sweet words from a couple of annoymous writers. Actually, by the end of the day I was feeling a little paranoid, I had enough sweeping offers to fill a drunken powder-room.

More notes this time from the French brother and sister team who're travelling the country, working, hanging out and (evidently) folding their way into the hearts and minds of Australia. Thought the little frog was inspired though... what do they say about owners and their pets?

This is the way the day began, thought I was going to be slowly eaten to death by 68 small children when I mistakenly asked one of them if they'd like a biscuit. I guess you learn these things. Do you think this is how the Beatles felt when they came to Perth in '64? I'm hoping for a junior sized portion of hit singles to come my way over the next 8 years followed by a string of naff solo albums, a potential homicide, a spin off series about a cute train engine and a-symmetrically limbed marriage that ends in tears and mud slinging. 

Ok, so this is what Lauren (who happens to be the Awesome Arts administrator) would potentially look like if she were 40 foot tall. I figure that look of surprise would deal with some of the initial feelings of confusion.

And this is the opening frame to a new movie that I will be opening in Perth next year called 'Legs Legs Legs'

Ok, so last day and all, bare with me. This is a series that really should be viewed in portrait orientation, but if you lay your head onto the computer keyboard you'll get the idea. This is the second scene of the movie (I guess you realised already that it's an experimental film - think Jean Luc Goddard meets Richard Linklater minus the shooting).

Another anonymous note, a cloud of resentment fogged up my window as she passed it through to me and huffed off down the mall.

Sparkling duets.

And this is my personal note to Kevin 07 - keep it real mister!

And then there a bunch of other shots that perhaps should have been edited out, but it's my party and they just seemed to appeal. I'm a sucker for a smile I suppose.

And then, that was it. All over rover. Time for a wave goodbye and to make my way down with every other Perth-ian to Cottlesloe beach to meet the Indian ocean with a relaxing crumple and let those beautiful blue waves slide over me.

Thanks Perth. Hope we meet again.