Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tomorrow's intellectuals a Rennes

This is a note I got from the mother of Constant. I think today I felt constant also. Or at least I think Constant and I had a true affinity today.

This is from Leiah's mum, and yes Leiah did seem pretty happy today, she even sung me a song with accompanying dance called 'Click Clack', I dunno if it's recorded but there is no denying it's catchability. Leiah also was a fine drawer, below is a picture of bunny, I think it is hiding in the grass.

And speaking of drawing. Here are another couple of fine examples. I especially like the blue man with big ears, it reminds me of myself in the morning when I know I have to get up but my ears are more willing than my body.

This is the first tattoo wedding ring I have seen. She has a G for Guilliame in the middle and the names of her two children either side. No chance of that falling behind the sofa, for sure.

And a narrative drawing of conversation, tea, ukulele and a very sunny day WITH NO RAIN!
And meanwhile there was a steady stream of discussion in all windows. (more stories to come - for now here are some pictures)