Friday, 10 July 2009

Gardens are a place to sit and dream

Little brothers, little sisters, friends, lovers and everything in between. Gardens are a place to dream and think about the little things in life. Lora (or perhaps Fora??) would agree with me I think, her frock says bonjour and it was a bonne jour.
Henna sisters say bonjour with their new hair styles too, it appears there are many good reasons to come to Rennes, but the heart of the reason is always to be with people. The elder sister came to be with her lover in Rennes (from Strasbourg I believe), then her sister came to be with her (for the holidays at least). They bonded through dying each other's hair with henna then came over to my house to celebrate.

Dear Magdalina,
if this is a picture of me don't worry, my hair is still thick on my head and luckily my body is big enough to support my large head when I am standing as much as when I put my face to the window. So please do not be concerned. I promise to smile more in the future. Please keep up your drawing, I like receiving letters very much,

But what kind of attention?

He says it didn't hurt but I remember reading that we can be selective about what we recall as pain.

Jesse from England. A long way for a small view.

He is on his way to New Zealand in September so was getting a sneak preview. I wonder if technically the interior of my house is still New Zealand? Or if it is not, where and when did it change nationality? Can a house change nationality. When I am in it, it still seems to be home and I am a New Zealander (it says so in my passport), but as my house has no passport it may be in difficult territory. A boat manages to fit into this strange gap sometimes I believe. I know when the first french settlers came to New Zealand in the late 1830s, they were met by the english army who told them to stay put on their boat on the shores of Araroa penninsula in the South Island. For the best part of a year they remained under French law but the law only existed on the boat. As soon as they walked onto land it was British rule.
Perhaps the best thing to do is to do as you like in your own home and when you go out, watch out for regulations.

She is studying theatre, I'm not sure if I was therefore time out or time in. I didn't manage to do a dance or recite any memorable text, speaking in french effort enough. Perhaps she was the performance today. I will need some advice on this.

Green tea makes you smile. It's scientifically proven.