Monday, 15 June 2009

Lucky day

Today was a lucky day in Oerol. The sun was out in full force even while we were setting the house up there was a crowd of people standing by. A weird feeling, a bit like washing out your undies in front an audience, but I coped. I just hope everyone else coped with seeing my dirty washing.

Today was also a lucky day because someone bought me an icecream - perhaps that seems trivial but when you are sitting inside a little house with 30 degree heat it's the little things that count.

These guys were from Zwolle and as it turns out the woman on the right grew up in Dalfsen, one of the few places in Holland I have actually been to. Isn't weird how you meet up with people like this? The picture on the left side of the wall of a girl playing the cello is Fran, a friend of mine from wellington who played a concert in my garden once, to the right of her is an old clock that she used as a metronome. To the right of that is a picture of a projected BBQ with a bunch of my friends projected onto the back of this house. It seems like a weird clashing of realities to be here and there simultaneously, one reality is physical, the other is an image or a remnant that lingers in your mind like a smell or a feeling.

And here is someone I met with her two children, she sat asking someone "what is this supposed to be?" I couldn't really help her answer the question. It's not that I'm being obtuse, it's more that every day feels like an improvisation and you never really know what it is. This house seems to have blurred the boundaries for me between performing, behaving and being. Is sitting around and talking to people a performance or an idea? Does it have a point? Does anything you do have a point?

Regardless we spent some time together, she translating to her children and they looking for questions more than answers I think.

And here a visit from Marjolein (oh I'm sorry I may have spelt that wrong). She is working on the ticketing for the festival and was enjoying a morning off.

I didn't know if she was enjoying the tea...

And this is Rink, he likes trucks and takes these with him everywhere he goes. He doesn't sleep with them though - what would be the point? He was full of questions, none of which I could answer, let alone understand. Things like trucks and houses just are.

More fine visits

And lastly this is Meral and Noa, they live here on the island with their mum and so were full of stories about the place. They are my new favorite people here. They even gave me a gymnastics demonstration... I always think the back lawn is the best place for hanging out and doing gymnastics on a sunny day, so I was glad to meet other people who think that too.