Monday, 4 August 2008

You won’t see me much happier than this! Arriving from the middle of winter to a bunch of wild flowers like this is some kind of alchemic transformation. I think retrospectively it started with this.

I was supposed to be under the watchful gaze of this guy, but as the note presumably reads, the wind and rain sent me back to the train station to seek cover

I was wondering if anyone was going to find me but I need’nt have worried.
And then there was this note

This seemed like a good offer, I kept my eyes on the box till my neck hurt.
Although I wondered if my eyes should be on the box, in the box or around the box. I went in for a closer look

Do you notice something about all these people? The eyes tell it all… whatever this promised thing was that was going to arrive in my mailbox, these people already had a sneak preview, why else would they look like that?

It occurred to me that the promised things might not be things promised to me, but something promised to someone else. This made me nervous… what are other people’s promised things? I wondered if my mailbox was going to be big enough to hold them all.

Then I met Emin (I think that is his name). He is a blues guitarist and a florist, this has got to be the best combination ever. In a parallel universe somewhere he could be some a god. But no, despite the promising sythesis, this is not where the flowers came from.

Meanwhile this guy (not a big talker but we hung out for some time) was exploring his own sense of altered realities by being all places at once.

And then there was the junior brother and sister reporter team of Blinky-one and Blinky-two

And then…
(not my interpretation)
And how did my house look afterwards?

Is this it?
Nobody promised me a pony before but I can understand the appeal

Final words comes from Denise