Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Adios Oostende

This note I forgot to put up yesterday, I love the sentiment that somewhere in Spain someone is waiting. I wonder how long they will wait? I cannot think of a more precious thing than you, waiting for me. Will I know you when I see you? I will go to Spain and ask people who look as if they are waiting, ‘are you waiting for me?’

This is how I travelled to the beach yesterday, I like this shot because despite sitting in a big truck the house looks quite contented, I think this would be a good place to live. Every day you could expect a different view. If you are from Spain perhaps you should note down this number plate.

And here is the famous Drie Gapers (three statues)

Ok, there’s something in common with all these children… what is it?.. can you guess? ey are all freaking me out with their eyes! Yes, I am told that children have the same sized eye balls as adults but it takes another 18 years for their body to grow into them, so in the meantime they freak out adults by having gigantic eyes staring at you.

This is Sophie

And this is Sophie

(Sorry Sophie, but I had to name it something so it only makes sense that it be named after you since you gave her to me – I figure it’s a her by the expression on her face)
Sophie-one stayed for some time taking pictures for her tv channel (though she forgot to tell me which one) and Sophie-two stayed for the long haul, guarding the front entrance from feisty teenagers.

Hit pic for best drawing, I especially like the fact that I am standing up in this picture, perhaps that is why I look so happy.

And here is Lovely Rita. I never got to see her eyes but if her children are anything to go by they are glowing. Rita has seen some interesting things in her life and had some great insights about homeless people in Ostende who seem to be invisible.

Rita's proud car owning son.

This is Matt. He lives in Ostende, or at least has returned to the family home temporarily to save up for travelling. I am not sure if it was him that drew the mouse pictures but I’m sure he’d be proud.

And finally this was the setting for Braakland, a performance in the old docklands. I couldn’t help feeling optimistic about the natural landscape slowly eating up the man-made structure. Nature has an undeniably happy relationship with decay, the brutality of it makes it all the more poignant a transformation.

And that is the end of my time in Ostende. I wonder if Ostende will wait for me?