Friday, 8 August 2008

Why are there so many good looking people in Hasselt?

This picture makes me melt. We didn’t speak, perhaps because the rain was falling so hard leaving a giant puddle of water on the grass, but I saw you there, the perfect picture of curiousity.

The day was marked by rain. I was dry and warm inside, but those who came prepared presented a colourful backdrop for themselves, a multivitamin rainbow in fact.

Meanwhile I was invited on holiday within the first 30 minutes of being in town. I was thinking Porta Rico could be nice

Perhaps propositions were in the air

But summed up best in this comment

So, why are there so many good looking people in Hasselt? Perhaps there is some kind of screening system at the city gates.

In no particular order, but evidence enough

They even have Eric Cantona working here as a press photographer

This one had me worried until I remembered that this is my first ever trip to Belgium, echos of Broken Flowers?

And my new best friends (because they discovered my weakness for Belgian Nougart)

But the sparkles didn’t stop there

These are my two Belgian Strong-men, available for house moving of all sizes!

There were more to be had in the evening fireworks