Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sun - back on Trafalga St - dodging the dodgy weather

So that was it - Hello Goodbye Nelson, it was brief but it was shone like an iconic rock-pop beckon of hope with less than half the tears. Managed to last the distance without getting rained on, got serenaded, given gifts of silver and sugar, propositioned, told off and ranted at, shared approximately 103 cups of green tea, talked to a whole bunch of people, was told from 4 people exactly what my installation was all about (thanks for that), complimented on my colour scheme and my ad-hoc decorating abilities, pointed at and finally smiled at by several thousand locals.

Orange was the order of the day. This is Vita.

This is Rosa & Vita - sounds like a Scandinavian music duo - come to think of it, they even LOOK like a Scandinavian musical duo. Check out their myspace page on www.myspace/we'

Yep, glam was the name of the day. This young lady recently signed to Macy Gray's record label, she's reknown for her ability to hit the high notes with none of the substance abuse and hardly any of the ego-centric stage antics.