Sunday, 14 October 2007

Saturday - back in Richmond

Hey what a great day. Started off by meeting this guy - apart from having great tattoos he's just started working at the local Mac beer factory up the road. Aparently they run a tight ship, but the place sounds a lot bigger than I imagined it was too. In fact there were a few businesses in Nelson that were a lot bigger than I first thought.

Ok, so these next shots are of three of the best people Richmond have on offer. This is Joy - behind her, well halfway down her ear by looks of it, is Ben. They were genuinely cool people and made me realise (yet again) how school systems only work for certain people. Some of the most interesting people I know just plain ain't conformists, because they want to see things for what they are, not what they're told they are.

Joy's Dad takes trekkers to India apparently, I think she said she's been there before but she's going this year to France for an exchange of some sort. Meanwhile Ben reckons he's gonna join the Army, which I always find a bit odd as a career option when we live in a country with such a small army and this social aversion to any mention of war. I know it's a bit of a cliche but most people I know just think any form agression is just a bad way to conduct business. What do I know though...

This is Joy being two people at the same time.

And this is a friend of theirs affectionately known as Wolfeboy - hmmm, wonder if those teeth have anything to do with that. He's a bakers apprentice and why that's such a great thing is that he brought me pastry which I duly stuffed my face with.

So this is me doing a spot of home decorating.

And these two pics are the pot-plant that Ben, Joy and Wolfeboy got me. I was so stoked! It looks great!

We had this weird conversation lying down and talking about things going on in our lives then suddenly we realised it was totally like being in bed with someone didn't know very well - except without the inevitable discomfort of having to scratch around under the sofa looking for your underwear the next morning.

And this is has gotta be my next favouritest person in Richmond of all time (honestly). I'm so sorry I can't remember her name because I swear this gal is gonna be a star some day. You can't quite see it from here but her outfit is a weird eclectic mix of styles that would rival any urban teen anywhere. We were talking about the Mall and she tells me that in fact she has been banned from the mall for two years! How cool is that. Honestly, anyone who can get themselves banned from a mall (without actually even being guilty of whatever she was supposed to have done) has seriously got to be in the coolest kids in town in my book automatically.Baby Godzilla - what do you do when you wake up to a baby this size outside your window destroying things?

More of those demon skate kids. I was lucky to get out of there alive.

Others weren't so lucky.