Sunday, 14 October 2007

Friday on Trafalgar St

Roomerier than you think.

No Skateboarders - what? I've never seen these signs in any city like I've seen them in Nelson. I figure it must be because there is a recent history of gun totting skater rebels who took over the town recently - I guess some scars don't heal so fast.
Come to think of it, anyone who rides a skateboard that looks like this one deserves to be run out of town.
Can't see his face very well, but this is Ellie from Israel. Actually he's originally from Khazakstan He was telling me how housing prices increased so rapidly over there. His father left Khazakstan just briefly after the collapse of communism in Russia and at the time he owned an apartment. He was going to sell it at the time, but it turned out the best price he could get was around US$100. One thing led to another and he didn't get around to selling it, well lucky for him because less than 10 years later the apartment is worth US$65,000.

I've heard a lot of stories like that in NZ, and always think how rediculous it is that the sellers think they have gained so much, when in reality they are no better off, they have simply satisfied their immediate sense of greed.

I liked this t-shirt, Just Hanging Around.
This is what it looks like when people annonymously poke their cameras into my house. If I was a dog I'd probably just bark.

And this is - I'm sorry I forgot her name, anyhow she works at the council and we talked about elections. She was wearing a 'don't forget to vote' t-shirt.

Here's some of those demonic skateboarders - hang onto your wallets ladies, these kids might look innocent, but judging by those signposts you just can't trust'em. Kid on the left is disguising the fact that he has a rocket launcher down his shirt.

She's a tui. Get it? Part of the carnival parade. Top points for best bird imitations. Sorry, I didn't have any bread.
This is Luke Hurley, he jumped into the house for a couple of songs and complimented my interior acoustics.
She thinks everyone's smiling at the house!

Perfectly framed.