Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Day Six – The City Mall near Bridge of Remembrance

View from the balcony of the Art Gallery into the foyer. What is it that kids get about art? I reckon they just like things with no rules, who wouldn’t. Every day there are kids who stick their faces into my window and ask me what I’m doing. I tell them something obscure of obtuse, they give me a look of disbelief and then they get on with it. Why must there be something to get, after all? Why should there be a specific point? Why

Someone left their glasses. Come get them off me at the house.

This is a kind of screwed-up panorama, but I like the fact that it’s not quite right. It is taken on my phone camera after all.

Did we really evolve from English people? How did that happen? Who was responsible?

This is Mandy. She’s a shop manager in the square, she filled my water bottle and offered a place to expel it too.

Damn, can’t remember the name, she’s a med student in her 4th year, passing by from Christchurch hospital. She is officially the first person I’ve ever met who doesn’t drink tea. Apparently it’s a taste thing, same with coffee. What about the drug thing? Doesn’t that count for something, you don’t have to be a med student to work that one out.

Christchurch lads.