Monday, 30 July 2007

Day Five – Near the Bus station on Litchfield St

Officially the noisiest spot in Christchurch. Well, if you add the fact that I was outside a store that is being renovated and there are concrete floor polishers inside with the doors wide open for fumes and noise, plus the buses coming and going, plus the fact that it’s a busy corner for traffic, you’ve got a fair bit of noise.

In fact they had three of those machines going. It was a lot calmer inside the house, but not a great day for conversations.

With the notable exception of Bev. She is the mother of my ex-girlfriend and came looking for me, apparently I was supposed to be in the square again today… what is it about squares though, seems to me they’re the worst place in the universe to actually meet people. And on the most part when you see art in a public place like a square you always feel like its been sanitised somehow. Anyway, that’s my excuse for being in an obscure and noisy corner of Christchurch.

I reckon I’ll put this one in my scrap book. I dunno why, I just love it.

Leaders of the SPCSU
(Society for the protection of school girls against ugly clothing)
What is it about winter uniforms – I mean would anyone in their right mind be wearing a skirt like that if they weren’t forced into it. As a school kid I always resented having to do dumb things that I knew very well had no sense, well costumes like that just don’t make sense mums and dads, and maybe you think it’s character building to force your kids into wearing ugly clothes, it really doesn’t help anyone in the long run.