Thursday, 26 July 2007

Day One – Thurs 26 July – Christchurch

Weird day because I was sort of tucked up in a corner of the Square so most of the people who dropped by were stranded travellers trying to get into X-base (other than the bunch of guys playing football on my back lawn).
Had an interesting conversation with Sue from Littleton who reckons I should take a trip out there with the house. The only problem is that I’d need a trailer cos there is no way I’m gonna try taking this thing apart again

So this woman had met me before in Auckland apparently, not that I can remember. Show me your shoes again and I might recall. Anyhow, she now works here in this bar on the left and she brought me some biscuits just at the moment that I’d tagged with Milton who was holding the fort while I went to the loo, Bummer!

This is living proof that Wanganui really is the best town in the world to live in if your sole criteria is the level workmanship of the paving bricks. For the rest of the world, we gotta just suffer.

Comparative sculptural study

Officially the first ever person in Christchurch to come visit, you get the special prize of the $12 pizza. Actually judging by the lack of brown faces round here he’s probably from outta town.

Comparative sculptural study number 2. I bought this tea cup for 20c at the Salvation Army store in town. The guy at the photocopy shop laughed at me when I asked him for directions ‘why would I wanna know where Sally’s is?’ Well buddy, don’t bother looking for green-lipped tea cups for 20c anywhere else in town cos I got ‘em.

The note on the right is from a girl called Kirsty who drew this for me when I was in Auckland. She said she worked in a bar but she looked young enough to still need a baby sitter. Am I getting older? Funny how when you get down this low to the ground any uniform at all gives you a sense of authority. The article above is from NZ Herald all about how rich Aucklanders would like to live somewhere nicer and not have to pay so much.