Saturday, 28 July 2007

Day Two- Fri 27 July

So this woman drops an ANZ flyer about home loans in my window, she thinks it’s funny. How ironic. I wish I’d been a bit faster witted to say something about cutting down trees for flyers like this. Too bad.

So two new developments.
1 Went to the Art Gallery where I’d left it set up last night. It looks so cool there, it’s such a weird space and so high. There is something not quite right about a little house sitting in the middle of the foyer and something even more not quite right about an object made with my bad carpentry sitting in an art gallery. I think this is what they call ‘when-will-they-realise-who-I-really-am-syndrome’

2 So anyway, here’s a picture. I like the guy on the left the way he thinks the letter box might magically explain it all. I think Art Galleries give you the impression that it’ll all make sense once someone tells you the secret. I think that’s why I like et al.’s work so much.

3 Comparative sculptural study 3. I like phone boxes. They make me feel like I’m somewhere.

Location location location

And the cutest mother daughter combo goes to…