Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wed 25 July – Picton to Christchurch

The number of days I’ve gotten up this early to see the sun rise I could count on one hand, I kept running that saying my mother used to use through my head – red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in morning shepherds warning – but I really can’t see the sense in it. What’s the difference exactly? Today was like the return of Autumn in Christchurch proving not only my mother wrong but also every one of my friends who insisted I take twenty jerseys with me. So I bailed out the jerseys, the hot water bottle, the sleeping bag, the leather jacket, the possum fur socks, and starting putting together Baby part III complete with new paint job and classy new aluminium corners.
Was working at the art gallery in Christchurch, they have some pretty flash carpenters working there so was feeling a little self conscious about my dodgy building work, splashing on plenty of paint to cover things up. Sure is a nice space though that gallery (at least the back of it is where the workshops are), pity there are so many locks around. These are some pictures I took with my camera on self timer so that I could pretend to be shot at work. Honk! That guy is posing.
Today I was thinking today about how many houses I’ve lived in. Well there was my folks house in Masterton for the first 18 years then a run of about thirty houses since. So apart from the fact that this is the first house I’ve owned, this is also the first house I’ve managed to hang on to. So I figure the idea of moving house but taking it with me isn’t such a bad idea. I mean, it does fit in a car after all. I will count them up for tomorrow and see if I can list every house I’ve lived in. I’m prepared to bet it’ll be greater than the number of girls I’ve slept with. Either way this is potentially a sad indictment of my inconsistent personality.