Thursday, 17 September 2009

Artists, Drug dealers and Skeletons (but not necessarily in that order)the

And I thought yesterday was hot.....

My temperature gauge was up in the mid thirties despite being in the shade. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere though so the stress was not high and thanks to the coffee cart next door people were not left wanting.

The view of my house is taken by Josh (who is traveling with me for a couple of weeks) from the side of one of the best theatres I've been in. This theatre group built their own theatre that they take with them and is made entirely of plywood, a true proletariat theatre - Mister Brecht would have been moved, I tell ya.

Cool picture huh, here is the artist who drew it.

And this is the artist who was traveling around in a wheelchair bumping into things, we've been bumping into each other all over Holland over the past weeks so it was nice to see him.
And here is an artist who I'd forgotten by face but I have had his picture on my house wall since Vlissingen I believe. He drew this great image which is a bit of a personal favorite and gets a lot of admiration from others. He just put his head in my window and said hello again, so it was a great honor to get a picture of him this time.

In fact the occasion sparked some copy-cat artists as well. Not bad huh.

And here is the skeleton. Not in the cupboard but at my front door. I wasn't scared though. I wasn't... I wasn't.... honest.....

I wish for the life of me I could remember what I gave her to read. I hope it was nothing that I had written.

Ah yes, so now you're thinking, we've seen the artists and the Skeletons, now what's this guy doing.

It was near the end of the day and I noticed this guy (probably about 10 years old) with his smooth 70s sunglasses and I thought, isn't that guy too young for a beer? Well this is Holland, but... no, in fact it's not beer at all, it's softdrink of some sort, I'm sure of it. Then he catches my eye and says, 'He Mijnheer' (mister), 'want some coke?' and holds up this white bag. I broke into hysterics immediately then asked if I could take his picture. I don't know if he was in training, or whether the dutch sense of humour is lost on me, but I've seen enough America movies to know about as much as this kid knows. Even if it is sugar (that is if his mates haven't cut it down with rice-flour, that much sweetner in your bloodstream would have you bouncing off walls and pulling tricks like this.