Monday, 27 July 2009

Sun Day

I've been thinking about this question that so many people ask me, what are you doing in here? I know it's a simple question and it's not intended as anything particularly deep, but it's a question that really gets under my skin. I wonder to myself, what am I doing here? There is an artistic argument to it (or maybe it's a social one) but in many ways this becomes less and less important to me. Why do I sit in a little house every day? Why would anyone want to do that? Then I was thinking about how I have spent so much of the last few years rushing around like an idiot always trying to do more than I have time or energy for. The consequences of that are that need to stop sometimes and I think this little house is my stop, my pause. For 4 hours per day I have to be in one spot and just meet people, very intimately face to face. I have no control over who I meet, it's someone who just happens to bend down, maybe they don't speak my language, maybe they haven't even learned to speak any language yet. And for those 4 hours I have to surrender to what is around me. There is something to learn from that and I think it is no accident that I am learning it now. So, I'm sure I wouldn't give you this answer if you bent down to my window but this is the closest thing to why I am doing it as I can imagine.... for the moment.

Can you believe that these three people have never met each other? Well they have now of course, since I introduced them.

A small army of children, baring the hands of parents, was the air that I breathed in Gent yesterday. Amber came baring fruit (literally)
so I knew it was going to be a good day.

Here are some pictures. I really like this first one, it's like a person, a house, a fish and a hat all in one.

Pirates don't really ever go out of fashion do they. Is the costumes, the hat, the lifestyle? Maybe the pay? Or perhaps the idea of just being with your mates without parents to tell you to eat horrible green things when you don't want to.
Friendly monsters, don't worry
And this is Anya from yesterday. Recognise her?
A family visit - actually I think this is record, three kids in three windows and mum at the front