Sunday, 26 July 2009

It rained, it shone, they came they went

A day full of contrasts, a lot of interesting drawings and a street full of shoppers. My first visiter was Jonathan from the day before, he’d thought about it and come back today to give me this comment. A sentiment I can relate to, cos I don’t think my dreams are at all wrapped up in a home. But then in some ways this little house has been like a dream home because it has taken me places that I would not have been otherwise and, come to think of it, there are so so many people I would never have met if it were not for this dream home. (ah always contradicting myself damnit)

And all the way from Picton, New Zealand, this is Carlynne. True to character for all kiwi’s you may notice she has a beak, this is very practicle for collecting worms and small bugs that live beneath the ground. Carlynne has been travelling all over the place and has a jacket full of badges to prove it.

I’ll show you the artwork first, then the artist. In fact, there is a story behind it. That is me inside the house seen through the window. Beneath the window is a sad face but this is the house that is sad not me, because it is not very big and it is getting rained on.

And here is the artist.

Some great random pictures, some of them I think you with recognise, others may be a little more open to interpretation.

And my favourite for the day, I like this house because it looks like it has personality. The sun is like a big eye with lashes keeping it company and inside is a fine cool blue.

My terrific minder team, Ying and Yang, a perfect pair.

And what do you know, this is another New Zealander, they are everywhere clearly. Verena is buying a childrens book in every country she visits and this is apparently representative of Belgium.

And just to prove that Gentese people are not easily put off, here is proof that when the rain comes the smiles just keep on coming.

Some moving images of the rain rain rain

Click HERE for a blog review, also some beautiful pictures

HEY thanks to both Suzan and Jonathan who both took up the challenge for me, thanks so much. Here it is in English.

Gent – My second day of street theatre festival brings me to the Veldstraat. No, not for shopping, because that´s not what people do during festivals, but to let me be surprised by a large doll house.

As a child, I dreamt of a doll house like that, but I never got one. We played with Cindy, the more define version of Barbie, my parents thought. We made clothes and my sister and I used to be busy for days to improvise our own doll house. But I never had a real doll house, like the one before me now, in the middle of the Veldstraat.

There are kinds of people who walk by without noticing, others who take a quick look and walk on. Then there are some who take the time to read the the accompanied writing and a few even dare to put a message in the mail box of the little house. Children are a lot more playful, bend down on their knees and curiously peak through the little windows.

´There is a man in that house!´ comes from a children´s mouth full of surprise. Stephen, the man who inhabits the house is indeed stuffed inside his house. At one a clock this afternoon he went inside and at five he will squeeze out again. An adventure on its own, because he will have to make himself very small to fit through the little door? ´Don´t eat too many apples, sir!´a blonde curly head whispers to him. ´Because otherwise you will get too fat and you will never get back out …´ You think so?

I walk around, especially enjoying the reactions of the spectators because to lay myself down on my belly like that and interview the householder for this piece of writing, would go just a little too far. Maybe if there weren´t so many people around or if I would have had one pint too many to drink, I would have, but it is way too early for that …

Are you curious and would you like to drink a cup of tea with Stephen, you can! On Saturday between 18.00 and 22.00 o clock at Sint-Jacobs and on Sunday between 17.00 and 21.00 on the Sint-Baafssite. And you should certainly have a look on his site. Worth your visit, because when you look through the window, you sometimes get flashed!

The name of this act is a mouthful …'Baby, where are the fine things you promised me ?'. The owner of this house and the act is Stephen Bain from New Zealand. He comes from very far to carry out his message that we should be more satisfied with the smaller things in life …