Friday, 3 July 2009

Home is where the heart is... where did you put yours?

The day was hot like a roasting tray and all of here in Vlissingen were sun dried tomatoes by the end of the day. Luckily someone several hundred years ago worked out that by sitting up a few metres on the dijk you can get a breeze floating through your living room that makes everything seem ok again.

This is Roos and Mouryn (Roos is her daughter) who sat with me on the front deck. In fact it was to inspire a cascade of mother-daughter visits for the evening, like a kind of genetic echo in the summer twilight.
This daughter didn't live with her mother but they each shared a curiosity for the world, one exploring the inner workings of the human body through ultrasonic waves, the other from traveling to the corners of the earth.
And in case you thought it was the other way around, it was her mother that did the traveling.
These two like to keep family close because their sister/auntie was at my house too (do you wish I could remember names as much as I wish it?). Yeah I can see the family resemblance particularly with the Zeeland evening good-looking filter on. Perhaps that's why people who live here don't leave in a hurry, once they see the light change no-one else looks quite as glowing.

Mother house - daughter house... or maybe they're boys?
More sisters, this time from out of town. Both artists I believe, we had a great talk about simplicity. I won't go on about it. It would ruin the point.
These guys were friends and I wished I taken a photo because Jantine was telling me about her work with immigrant children. This note may be the closest you come to meeting them, look for the yellow flower in their eyes.
And from Whoopi (whom I met yesterday and returned today with biscuits. Ten points! Go to the top of the class!) a rendition of my house that would wish for at least 6 friends to live here with me, one for each window.
And from Anne Onomous a comment that will go into the top-hat of 'great titles for greeting cards and estranged family gatherings'. I hope to use it in my second book.... my first one will be called 'things I could think up myself', the followup will much snappier and good-looking.