Sunday, 21 June 2009

The next time I see you...

I will be almost 6 feet tall.

Today was a Lucky day! Here's a few reasons why...

This is gift from Utrecht, I know I know, you're thinking that ain't so lucky I've seen one of those before and it was made in China. Well apart from the obvious comeback (that there are a lot of lucky things in China), this Rubics cube came from the fine lady just below here, which does make me lucky.
Lucky Situation number 2
Take a look at this woman, check out her upper tooth on the right hand side. If you look closely you can see she has a clear crystal stuck to her tooth. Technically that makes her the closest thing to a tooth fairy I've seen. Now if that ain't lucky... I don't know what is.
But wait there's more.
These guys are Toet en Taartje. Yeah I know what you're thinking, YOU CAN'T GET TOET EN TAARTJE IN ONE PHOTO FRAME LET ALONE THE SAME WINDOW! Well check it out, it's my lucky day...
Actually I just realised I think I just got Toet here, or maybe it's Taartje. That's gotta count for half lucky though right?

Oh yeah you don't think that's so lucky, well how about this.
This is Merel, which just happens to be the same name as a blackbird. This Blackbird can paint beautiful pictures though which isn't technically the same as being able to fly but it is pretty lucky you have to agree...
Ok... so this is the really lucky bit.
This guy is a musician (it's a day of artists right - well turns out this is the future and in the future everyone is an artist ok)
His name is LUCKY FONZ III!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, you have to hand it to me, that is lucky.
Lucky Fonz even gave me a copy of his new cd called A Family Like Yours. I had a listen to it on my way back from the island to the mainland as the sun slipped down behind into that little gap between the sand and the sea, it's a beautiful cd. Some song writers are great at coming up with hooky tunes, others are able to actually say how they feel through music and this album is one of those. Now this guy is lucky!
And just in case you don't believe me, here are some other people who testify to a lucky day.

So many people I spoke to at Oerol were coming back for the 5th, 6th, 10th, 18th time, I couldn't really work that out. On the last day of the festival as the boat pulled out of the harbor a guy with a suitcase (perhaps a clown it's hard to decipher clowns from your average guy with a suitcase at festivals like this) ran along the breakwater as the boat rounded the warf and headed out to sea. He ran as fast as he could and at the end of the rocky point he threw his suitcase down and shook his fists at the boat. It was no good, he'd just left it too late, this boat was never turning around. The suitcase slipped like a pebble into the water, he turned to see it go sploosh and lept without thought into the water after it. The sea was awash with suitcase, clown and total abandon.

Oerol is a festival you hang onto till your nails are ripping at the edge of the island, some people miss the boat others just keep coming back.

I'll come back for you Oerol my clown!