Saturday, 2 May 2009

Wanaka in the mountains

The sun is slowly going down in Wanaka, the trees are losing their leaves and the mountains are shining with the silvery coats of new snow. The Wanaka Festival is on and the locals are out in force to take in whatever is going on. I haven't been here for maybe 20 years so it's a bit like being a foreigner. There seem to be a lot of life-stylers living here, people who are drawn the mountains or the water of just the view. 

Whales by Olive. We had a good chat and she drew me these. Happy whales. Not all whales are happy.

This is from Phoebe who also gave me a concert of Ten Guitars on my ukelele. Above are full instructions on how to do in the comfort of your own home. I reckon Phoebe could have a future in infomercial advertising. 

I would also like to know why I was in Laura's dream. I would also like to know who Laura is so that I can get out of her dream.

This is Isla, who drew me a picture that I put onto my wall, she also brought her sister Beth with her, I think there was a bit of competitiveness. Not least of all in the face painting stakes.

Here's a series of double-shots.

This is Chris, a local architect, he was last living in London but when he started a family decided that this was the place for him and has been here ever since. 

And this is Brigit who I went to drama school with about 350 years ago in Wellington. It's so weird to meet friends who suddenly have children, well not that having children is sudden, just that seeing them multiplied by 3 is a sudden revelation.