Monday, 22 September 2008

Welcome to Brisbane. This lizard obviously a well read reptile resides at the state library and is often seen taking in the heat along the banks of the Brisbane river. I gave it a wide berth and snapped the photo ultra macro. Never the less it eyed me, nodded and posed in an aloof but considered stance before going back to its book. Wildlife aye?

The Powerkidz festival is in and around the impressive Power House theatre in Brisbane and delivers a full on captive audience to the house. They surrounded the house in throngs with intense questioning and comments this one was so involved at one point she mistook it for another well known house and started tucking in to the furnishings. Her mother spent some time extracting the curtains from those hungry gums.

As much as I was bowled over by the exuberance of the kids, these quiet moments with these chilled folks was great. I am going to spend the evening taking in my first day in the house and let the heat of the day slowly dissipate before my morning languish on the banks of the Brisbane river.

Signing off from the,

Bearded Dragon.