Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Consider this. In South Western Australia the oldest footprint of man was recorded in 2005. It was around 20 000 years old and had belonged to a man estimated to have been two metres tall and running at twenty kilometres an hour.

The tracks were surrounded by other tracks. Likely the same community.Children and adults all walking in the same direction across a shallow clay basin.

So suddenly into our house step the real realities of our modern history. Young and happily naive to the past.

There is an urgency to make sense of it all and unscramble our selves.
This Little house is very similar to a house the locals call with anthropomorphic affection 'The Queenslander' It sits traditionally high on stilts above the earth keeping it dry and cool. It has lived a relatively short time in the scheme of things, beginning it's life around the 1840s. Going into mass production in the1920s. Bowled considerably for development around the 1980s and more widely protected in the 2000s.