Sunday, 31 August 2008

Park Life

The trees, the sun, I can't take full credit for the beauty but it was certainly a good place to be.

Ok, I know this may seem a bit gratuitous but there are so many great pictures of curious faces, I'm just going to put a few of them in here. Each one of them represents a conversation of some kind (a few of them non-verbal). It's amazing how you really do remember everyone you meet, though I'm not sure it would be the same if we met standing up.

Luckily on a blog you don't have editors.

It wasn't the day to be in the city... Too much Beadaboomin going on... Park life was more my style for the day and a day of photographing beautiful Groningen folk, I think there is something about the setting that makes everyone glow. I have been in the park each night this week and I have never seen a comfortable party atmosphere.

Took time to make some interesting improvisations this week, I've been discovering what you can do with a cheap transistor radio and a loop pedal. I'm not really sure if anyone else finds it interesting but I figure when you in your own house you can do whatever you like, right? I also discovered that by holding my ukelele on top of the battery powered speaker you can make some fantastic feedback sounds. So to anyone who thought there was a terrible sound coming from my house, don't worry it may be terrible but it is intentional.

Lucky to meet some great festival workers in Groningen, this is Yoost (don't ask what his brothers are called, it will send you into a confused panic) - the next picture is of Ghert-Jam and Dagma, they look like they might be framed pictures on the wall, but no I don't draw quite that well. They took me out on the town last night and introduced me to the top sporting pursuit for young people in Groningen... drinking. They seem to be very good at it, I may need some more practice.

Is that all? Would I get a great bicycle for that much?

You might be able to read this if you click on it, I think the title reads 'there's someone in there?! Waaaahhh!'
In fact we had a nice chat, so thanks for the article. Several people came by the house who had read it so I was feeling world-famous-in-Groningen.

I like the fact they took the effort to write this. Do you think it has something to do with my red roof?