Sunday, 11 September 2011


Saturday was 'action beach' down at the old port. It seems anyone who wasn't having a latte up on Mont Royal was down at the old port. Apparently there was a bunch of interesting things going on around the lake, not that I could see much beyond a forest of knees. Got an array of great artwork pouring through the letterbox too - a few of which I've uploaded here.
Here's my favorite photo - what the hell is that thing on my porch? I'm not the only one to wonder.
Thanks for the tip but I must admit to having a pretty good location here right at the moment; close to the water, plenty of restaurants nearby, a public thoroughfare, well kept grass and a lake of my own. What's more, I don't pay any rent. Beat that and I'll happy come over...

Good question, perhaps tightly packaged housing is in fact a perfect solution to birth control, happy to pass on some floor plans to your government. I think the Pope would approve too.

And todays gold medal for durational public interaction goes to Bea! A welcome guest and maker of artwork.

Courierpost Montreal style - apparently it keeps the bears from going through your mail.

Is it just me or are these guys deliberately playing with my right-left brain perception.
More mail I presume...
...nope the crabs got it.
What I really wanted to know if whether this guy (sorry I have forgotten your name already...!) has a new set of glasses for every shirt?

Silver medal for durational performance participation goes to Sunny who was shining his light liberally through my tiny windows for much of the afternoon.

See you Dimanche!!!