Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Summer of 2011

I use the word summer with a touch of irony. The days were long but I honestly haven't seen this much rain in a long long time. The images from three festivals in the summer of 2011 have been sitting in my computer gathering dustbytes(??) for the past few weeks. Mostly this is due to a new project I was working and that stole all of my reflection time. Well now that is all done and it's time to look back and see the last few weeks that were. Always looking back over photos it's like walking past that person in the street whose perfume reminds you so much of a certain time or place. These photos bring back not only the people but also the conversations, sometimes the weather, sometimes tastes and sounds.

The house is now on board a ship - in fact here is the ship (honestly) it's a cargo ship called the Maersk Patras and it's taking my house all the way from Antwerp to Montreal. There is something so impressive about the idea that it can cross through all that water, flying seems to be so easy since you look out the window and there seems to be nothing between you and your destination, just space. This photo isn't recent so you can't see my house on there but presumably it's still sitting upright and keeping the water out.
I will fly to meet it in a couple of weeks. In the meantime here are some images and the odd word from the last few weeks.