Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Aubagne (about 30km from Marseille) is surrounded by heaving rock faces. The streets of the old town are like mountain tracks walled by houses and shops, there is a familiarity to the place, perhaps like something out of a cartoon version of a medieval city. Somewhere in the centre of town, it flattens out again and there is a square (more like a triangle) cluttered with cafe tables, awnings, advertising signs and plant boxes. In amongst there somewhere is me, in a small house, catching the attention of passers by.

The weekend was wet and the wind whipping autumn leaves around like confetti so I consider my Aubagne visitors to be the most hard core in town.

The weather seemed to induce an arts and craft vibe as it turned out and more than a few pictures came my way. Pictured below are two sisters who made sure I wouldn't forget Aubagne, they are just two of four sisters and a brother who all stopped by and it was really interesting how each of them had a different view on the town they lived in. It made me realise how as kids we are so close with our siblings even when fundamentally we may be very different people. As adults we are more selective about spending time with friends who are more aligned with our own values. Later this same evening I went into Marseille to see a performance at a place called Montevideo, a really great venue but especially good because I felt a comfort in finding a scene that was close to my own values. As a kid you're not able to jump in a car and find your own cultural group.

These two wore the same clothes and spent a lot of time together but in other ways they are miles apart, yet they were so good with one another in the way they listened and challenged one another.

There are all sorts of ways of seeing, you just have to alter your perspective a little.

And finally here are some of the best pictures of the day, only one from Romeo who proliferated a true deluge of images on every scientific and poetic subject possible (pictured below is a butterfly) but especially good at writing his name in CAPITALS. I would not be at all surprised if he will develop a special talent for large scale painting on public walls and fences.