Sunday, 10 August 2008

visions of me

It's Home.

It was a day of close encounters, many of them wordless. I can't say I have gotten my tongue around dutch yet but I am getting a lot better at face-language.

Perhaps that is why someone thought it was my birthday, I guess the Flemmish version of raising your eyebrows and puffing out your cheeks means 'hey it's my birthday'.

Apparently the chimpanzees smile at each other by showing their teeth and raising their eyebrows up and down rapidly. If you ever need to make friends with a chimpanzee, you will be grateful for this piece of information.

I can't work out if these means I am a loser, or I am someone other than a loser (which I hasten to add would technically make me a Winner!)

A beautiful day in central Hasselt today and the public was out in throngs! (not thongs)
Perhaps the sunlight was the inspiration for the scratching sound of pens on paper, presenting a plethora of visions of me (I think). I particularly like the one of me looking remarkably like a donkey. A happy and potentially very useful donkey though, I might add.

Brothers through and through