Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The farthest North I've ever been...

Question: what country are we in?
No I won't give any hints, see if you can pick up on the subtleties

A fairly hang-back crowd today (possibly due to a wet grass mat too). There were those that ventured closer, we had some interesting chats. I hadn't realised Groningen is such a University town.... ok, so now I know.

Possibly drawn by a University student after a good night at the festival park.

And this is Drie. Drie kindly sorted me out for local information and organised a parade of kids to deliver some much needed cups.

Good reasons to fear for your life
1) giant children with halos that can fill a window
2) vehicles that do way too much

Some good advice from the letterbox.

An impressionistic approach... I love the way the person (I am supposing it's me) is all pulled apart and floating in the ether. I must admit to feeling like that sometimes.
witness to a rendez-vous... seems it didn't go so well.