Saturday, 26 July 2008

Can it get any hotter than this?

This is picture by Christopher Lee, he sent it to me online. Nice to see how the front lawn is getting on from the outside. There are more photos by him and a link to his site further down the page if you'd like to see more.

Are you hot in there?
Well let me think about that for a moment... Is my nose melting off my face? Mmmmnn, yeah it's getting a bit hot in here. I guess the fact tha t so many people are sitting around the windows restricts the airflow. Not that I'm complaining though. I've just come from Auckland where there is a horrible storm I am told, the power has been cut off to 50,000 homes (that's practically half the population in New Zealand standards).

Last night was a good one, helped by the fact that the noise outside wasn't as bad as last night so I had some interesting conversations.

There was also an autograph hunter, misguided perhaps but she managed to prize a signature out of me.

These guys moved here recently to study from Bankok, being new to town myself we had a bit in common. Like me, they find this place a lot more ordered than back home, it's like someone came in and combed the streets with one of those lint rollers.

Had a great chat to this guy too, damn I can't remember his name just now. He is also new to town and keen to find out what I was up to. I wasn't about to ask him to move in though, sometimes a guy has to protect his own turf.

It's the amount of people that really is strange to me. I live in a country of 4 million people and the grass that surrounds this miniature house represents the much desired quarter acre block. The idea is that everyone has their own house and their own patch of land and that space forms the kind of people we are. We like to have a bit of space around us. If people come by our house, we see them coming up the garden path so that with a bit of luck we're already at the front door to greet them. Luckily I'm not one to stick to nationalistic stereotypes myself, I'd say it's a pleasure to be surrounded by so many people, but it's weird none-the-less. This is the view from outside (taken by my friendly assistant Eileen from the festival who has been looking after me - photographed below - sorry it's blurry).

And this is another friend of mine who hung around for quite some time before she revealed her extensive piano skills.

Siobhan, this one is for you. Right by the front door.

The three sisters of Singapore.

And just in case you were wondering where we are, here's some photographs of photographers. Was speaking with someone last night suggesting that perhaps there is something in the way the locals use their cameras here, a bit like the way the Swedes use mobile phones, it seems to suit the way people see the world.

Anyone who where this one is from?

And finally - the way it is.

These are the photos by Christopher Lee at 'Dream Merchant Photography'. You can see more of his images on

Couldn't resist this one. It was latenight at the museum last night (2am), but by closing time there were more than a few that were ready to go home.